Marie Rennemo Jellum

Name: Marie Rennemo Jellum

Title: Advisor

Phone: +47 482 54 080


Marie Rennemo Jellum graduated from NTNU in 2013 with a MSc. degree in fluid and thermodynamics. She joined Lilleaker Conculting in January 2014, and worked approx. two years as a CFD and risk analyst. In November 2015 she started working in Hymatek Controls as a project manager for deliveries of excitation systems to hydropower plant. Main tasks in Hymatek included design, engineering, managing production, testing and commissioning of excitation systems for hydropower plant. In October 2017 Marie re-joined Lilleaker Conculting. Marie has experience as CFD analyst and risk analyst from projects such as TRA update of Valemon PDQ, QRA of Leviathan FPSO and Draugen Winterization study.