About us

Lilleaker Consulting provides a wide range of safety and reliability services to onshore and offshore industries. Our strong engineering background and extensive experience helps us evaluate design- and operational risk. We help our clients ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and recommend feasible and cost effective safety solutions. Our philosophy is to work integrated with our customers to ensure our analyses provide high value to the project.

Lilleaker provides all relevant safety services, specialized within the following topics;

  • Quantitative Risk Analyses (QRA)
  • Safety reviews such as HAZID, HAZOP and LOPA
  • Production availability analysis (RAM) and SIL analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), i.e. for studies related to fluid flow, atmospheric flow, dispersion of gases, fire- and explosion loads
  • Statistical analysis of accident data

Lilleaker Consulting has played an important role for a safe offshore industry in Norway. We have personnel that have provided safety services to oil- and gas installations since the 1980s. Lilleaker has also participated in the development of regulations and safety standards in Norway.

Lilleaker Consulting owns and develops the software package ASAP which is a complete risk analysis tool used for all our risk analysis. Lilleaker has also been a central participant in the development of Miriam RAM studio, a software package used for production availability analysis.