Project Positions

Lilleaker Consulting has personnel with extensive experience from various project roles, both from working independently and from being an integrated part of Client’s project organization. Lilleaker personnel can fill a number of different project positions.

Contact: Ingvild Aker
+47 41 66 46 00

Technical Safety

Lilleaker has personnel that can be overall responsible for technical safety, or be responsible for specific tasks such as:

Development of safety documents (strategies, performance standards etc.)
Barrier management
Provide input and follow-up of safety systems such as:
     Active fire protection (establish philosophy, firewater demand, system configuration, etc.)
     Passive fire protection (establish philosophy, structural response simulations, optimisation studies, piping/vessel integrity simulations, PFP drawings)
     Emergency Shutdown and Blow Down (establish philosophy, hierarchy block diagram, performance requirements, flare radiation, etc.)
     Fire and gas detection (establish philosophy, location of detectors, Cause & Effect, performance requirements, etc.)
     Ignition control (establish philosophy, area classification, Ex requirements, etc.)
     Natural and mechanical ventilation
     Escape, Evacuation and Rescue (establish philosophy, escape route drawings, escape analysis, requirements to lifeboats, mustering, SAR vessel, etc.)
Estimate availability of safety functions
Plan and perfom tasks related to Safety Integrity Levels (SIL)

HSE manager

Lilleaker has personnel that can fill the role of HSE manager and be responsible for tasks such as:

Development of project specific HSE management plan
Development of project specific HSE activity plan
Conduct risk assessments to detect potential hazards and plan precautionary measures
Coordination of Training Programs for employees and subcontractors
Weekly HSE inspections of sites during construction phase
Perform audits of sub-suppliers according to HSE activity plan
Attendance in investigation groups after workplace incidents
Preparation of Monthly HSE report and presentation to senior administrators

HSE design coordinator

Lilleaker has personnel that can fill the role of HSE design coordinator and be responsible for tasks such as:

Plan and coordinate activities related to fulfill HSE requirements
Ensure that HSE requirements are attended to in the project
Prepare, implement and maintain the HSE Design plan
Coordinate and follow-up risk analyses
Coordinate and follow-up studies related to technical safety
Performing design reviews
Prepare and maintain the Design Accidental Load Specification