Lilleaker Consulting invests heavily in development of our in-house risk analysis software ASAP, and contribute regularly to the development of the RAM analysis tool Miriam RAM Studio. For our computational fluid dynamics analyses we use industry leading simulation tools.


The Advanced Safety Analysis Package (ASAP) is a proprietary software tool that estimates the risk to personnel and loss of main safety functions related to flammable and toxic leaks, fires and explosions on oil and gas facilities both offshore and onshore. The software analyses a chain of events following a leak by taking into account ventilation conditions, process conditions, safety barriers, escape possibilities, layout and manning distributions. Download short description of ASAP.



A RAM analysis – a production performance analysis – requires an advanced method and a correspondingly advanced software tool. Lilleaker Consulting have been an active participant in the development of the Miriam RAM Studio software package. Miriam RAM Studio models a flow network, where events occurring in the network affect the availability of the system. System configuration, failure and repair data, different operational modes, spare parts and repair resources are only some of the elements that can be captured in the simulation model.


The Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software Kameleon FireEx (KFX) is used for simulating fires (jet fires, pool fires, diffusive fires) and unignited gas releases (unignited flares, vents and accidental releases). KFX is typically used for evaluating consequences of fires such as:

  • Smoke and heat exposure of personnel, escape routes and evacuation means
  • Heat exposure of structures for passive fire protection (PFP) optimization*
  • Flare radiation exposure of personnel and equipment
  • The effect of fire water on fires
  • Gas exposure of personnel (toxic gases) and specific ignition sources such as air intakes

*Thermal loads from simulated fires can be exported to FAHTS for non-linear structural analyses in USFOS.



FLACS is a powerful CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software for modeling consequences in full 3D for all typical flammable and toxic release scenarios. It is used extensively in the Oil and Gas and Process industries. In Lilleaker, FLACS is typically used for the following offshore and onshore studies:

      • Explosion study
      • Natural / mechanical ventilation study
      • Gas dispersion study
      • Toxic dispersion calculations
      • Gas detector optimization

Lilleaker also link the results from FLACS simulations to ASAP for further risk assessment.